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These are some of our early games and applications, as well as some other tools that might be useful.

Brain Drain 2.1

Like verision 1.1, it keeps score. But from countless requests to make it ready for a dual monitor setup, we put this together. There are two screens: the work screen and the display screen. You can drag them to where ever you want them, and they will remember their position and score the next time you load it.


- You can have Names under each score
- Different Scoreboard


Download BRAIN DRAIN 2.1 (3.4 MB)


Quiz Game


Add any number of questions of your choice for each game file, supply four answers for each question. Includes 50/50, ask a friend, and ask the audience. Simple operation for the computer operator.

Download QUIZ GAME (6MB)

Tic-Tac-Toe 1

This is our original Tic-Tac-Toe game. Each square reveals a question of your choice when selected. (UPDATED: this 640x480 program can now be positioned where ever you want it, and will remember it's location the next time it is loaded.)

Download TIC-TAC-TOE (2MB)

V-Sampler Basic

Here's a simple program that allows you to assign 20 different audio files to 20 different buttons. You can then trigger any one of these sounds by pressing the corresponding button. This is great for sound effects or frequently used songs.

Download V-Sampler Basic (534KB)


Can't see the game?

If you can't see your game on screen, click:


Click for detailed instructions.




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