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We have Twitter

For those of you who do Twitter, we now have a Twitter account. This will be used primarily to announce new and upcoming products, updates to the website, and to send out discount codes at the time of release. Our Twitter name is @KTLabs Thanks!

Lock Out
Lock Out

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No more guessing "Who was first?" when quizzing your students head on. Lock Out will figure that out for you, and in an exciting way!

Lock Out
is a game that uses two USB Joysticks (or gamepads) that your contestants will “buzz in” with. The first player to press any button on their joystick locks the other player out. The score is kept for each player, and is integrated with the lock out features of the game.

Download the game and run it in DEMO mode to see how it will work for you.

DEMO mode has the following limits:
1. The words DEMO are overlayed on the gameboard screen.
2. The game will reset and the program will close after being open for 2 minutes.

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Price: $30
Gameboard Resolution: 1024x768
Sound effects: YES

Requires two Windows compatible USB Joysticks/Gamepads. Please, run in DEMO mode with your hardware to make sure it will work for you before purchasing.


To extend the USB port over a long distance (up to 140 feet), we use "adapters" that allow the USB signal to travel through inexpensive Cat5 networking cable. Click Here to see the USB Over Cat5 Extender.



Welcome to Kidzturn Labs!

laptop and games


If you've wanted a new, interative way to quiz your students... with colorful and exciting graphics... that's EASY to customize and operate... not to mention a price that anyone can afford... you're going to love our programs!



Our main two thoughts behind the development of our games are:

1. Point-and-Clickability (easy to use!)
2. Energetic Graphics (easy to look at!)



Feel free to download our games and take them for a test drive!


The Kidzturn Labs Team




Can't see the game?

If you can't see your game on screen, click:


Click for detailed instructions.




What's Your Projection Screen Resolution?

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